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How ESG Affects M&A Transactions

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues are becoming a more significant concern in mergers and acquisition transactions — buyers and

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5 Exit Strategy Tips: How to Make Sure Your Business Runs Without You

Businesses that operate seamlessly whether the owner is there or not sell fast but also sell at a premium price. Find out how to create an exit

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The Effect of Anti-Bigness Laws on the M&A Environment

What are anti-bigness laws, and will they affect your merger? Key Takeaways There is growing momentum in the anti-bigness movement Anti-bigness

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What Is an Earnout? A Great Way to Earn More When Selling Your Business

How to use an earnout to enhance the sale price of your business Key Takeaways Earnouts allow the seller to earn additional compensation for meeting

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How to Organize Financial Records When Selling Your Business

Having impeccable financial records when selling your business not only reduces the time it takes to sell but also ensures you have the right

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5 Tips to Sell an HVAC Business the Right Way

Knowing how to sell your HVAC business is the only guarantee of getting a lucrative offer. Learn how to do it the right way. Key Takeaways HVAC

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How to Find a Strategic Buyer for Your Business

The search for a strategic buyer can start as soon as you open your doors. These 7 tips will help you find the best prospects. Key Takeaways From the

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How to Minimize Cybersecurity Risks in Mergers and Acquisitions

When thinking about mergers and acquisitions, many businesses don’t consider their cybersecurity posture. Here’s how to protect yourself

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4 FTC Policy Changes That Update Its Role in M&A

The FTC plays a major role in overseeing mergers and acquisitions, but recent policy changes have altered its responsibilities and powers in this

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