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What our clients say

We’re proud of the work we’ve done for our clients and we’re even more proud of the great things they have to say about the services we’ve provided and the results we’ve delivered. Here are their experiences in their own words…  

Kurt Walborn

Gary & Sons Heating & Cooling

I had no idea where to begin with selling our business, until I spoke with SF&P. Their team took the time to dig in and explain the entire process...

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I had no idea where to begin with selling our business, until I spoke with SF&P. Their team took the time to dig in and explain the entire process and get the job done. From the first call to the last it has been a pleasure to work with Ben, Justin, Darcey and Ryan. This crew knows the industry, the financials, has the contacts, and stays with you even after the close. I was comfortable signing on that line after dealing with these guys, Well done and Thank you.

Kurt Walborn

Gary & Sons Heating & Cooling

Gordon Schroll

ABC Plumbing, Sewer, Heating, Cooling and Electric

Fred and team, we are grateful for the guidance and hard work your team did on this journey.

Fred and team, we are grateful for the guidance and hard work your team did on this journey.

Gordon Schroll

ABC Plumbing, Sewer, Heating, Cooling and Electric

Tom & Eileen Graham

Joe Cool Home Services

Fred, I am pleased we had you and your team on our side.  When you told me there was much more to deals than selecting a buyer, I didn’t really know w...

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Fred, I am pleased we had you and your team on our side.  When you told me there was much more to deals than selecting a buyer, I didn’t really know what you were talking about , but I do now!  Thanks for both of us!

Tom & Eileen Graham

Joe Cool Home Services

Alan Sielbeck

Interstate AC

Fred, I want to compliment your entire team on the professional representation to position our companies for a transaction. Your finance team presente...

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Fred, I want to compliment your entire team on the professional representation to position our companies for a transaction.

Your finance team presented an easy-to-understand financial picture and your transaction folks presented us with a significant number of willing and capable investors.

We had built our companies over the last twenty years and our ownership group was very determined to find a cultural match to ensure our new leadership could use the transaction as a steppingstone for growth. SF&P delivered exactly what we were striving for.

Post deal, our new team leaders are more excited than ever about their future and the opportunities they now have, to write the next chapters of our three excellent companies.

Our senior partners retained some equity going forward and each of us can’t wait to see where our next generation of leaders takes us.

Many thanks to the entire SF&P team!

Alan Sielbeck

Interstate AC

Vince Heuser

Absolute Services

Embarking on the journey of exiting our business was daunting. Fortunately, SF&P Advisors guided us through every step of the intricate process wi...

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Embarking on the journey of exiting our business was daunting. Fortunately, SF&P Advisors guided us through every step of the intricate process with unparalleled expertise and unwavering support, no matter how difficult I tried to make it!

From my initial conversations with Gregg Schonhorn, SF&P Advisors demonstrated an exceptional understanding of the nuances involved in selling my Home Service Business. They crafted a personalized exit strategy that not only maximized our value but also ensured a smooth transition for both us and our buyers.

Huge shout out to Justin Haas and Darcey Murakami for their meticulous attention to detail and tireless dedication to our transaction. Their expertise ensured that our interests were always protected, resulting in a favorable outcome that exceeded our expectations.

If you’re considering exiting your business and want a team that will go above and beyond to ensure a successful outcome, look no further than Gregg Schonhorn and the team at SF&P Advisors.

Vince Heuser

Absolute Services

Barry Tysor

Anchor Heating & Air Co.

I just wanted to touch base with you and send out some kudos to your team. I appreciate all the support and effort that SF&P gave us in charting a...

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I just wanted to touch base with you and send out some kudos to your team. I appreciate all the support and effort that SF&P gave us in charting a new course for Anchor Heating and Air Conditioning Company. We had 53 years of tradition and culture that we built here, and we have a team that is very loyal to that tradition and culture.

SF&P helped us find an avenue where we can continue that, while at the same time ensuring Anchor’s health and success going into the future. Your team helped us every step of the way. They were very helpful, insightful, and encouraging while explaining all of our questions. We couldn’t have done it without their support. I want to point out specifically Ben, Justin, and Leonna who I worked with the most. All of them answered any time I called and were always standing ready to guide me and provide the information I needed to make a good decision.

I couldn’t be happier with the result and I’m happy with where we are right now as we continue Anchor’s legacy. We are very pleased. Thank you.

Barry Tysor

Anchor Heating & Air Co.

Doug Lindstrom

Lindstrom Air Conditioning & Plumbing

Fred Silberstein and SF&P go back to the Blue Dot days so we knew they were the Company we would use to find us the best deal. Fred & his team...

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Fred Silberstein and SF&P go back to the Blue Dot days so we knew they were the Company we would use to find us the best deal. Fred & his team made the diligence process seamless. We probably never would have got through everything without them. Personal shout out to Darcey and Ben. Our family is forever thankful for the SF&P team! With over 3 billion in closed deals why would you ever pick someone else?

Doug Lindstrom

Lindstrom Air Conditioning & Plumbing

Jimmy Levine

Levine & Sons

To business owners contemplating selling your company, My advice to you would be to partner with SF&P advisors immediately. Before partnering with...

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To business owners contemplating selling your company,

My advice to you would be to partner with SF&P advisors immediately. Before partnering with SF&P advisors, I had a deal with a private equity company that could not honor the purchase price stated in their LOI. I passed their due diligence with flying colors, spent 65k in legal and CPA fees, and vested many hours/months accumulating all the required information needed to close the deal. I was on the 98-yard line ready to score a touchdown but had to walk away from the deal. After the disappointment, I remembered meeting Brian Cohen at a Nexstar super meeting. I called him to discuss my situation. Brian let me know there are plenty of great private equity companies to partner with I just needed to find the right one. I immediately flew down to Florida to meet the SF&P team. After meeting with Brian, Ben, Justin, and Fred I knew I was in the right hands. SF&P advisors are a group of seasoned veterans who have seen everything in the M&A world and have closed countless deals. I soon realized the importance of having experienced representation. I was so far above my head on my first deal it wasn’t funny. Step one was getting our numbers to the SF&P team which includes a brilliant in-house CPA named Darcey. SF&P went to work seamlessly orchestrating all of the steps necessary to produce a company profile to take to market. We immediately started getting interest in our company. Ben and Justin diligently purged through the PE companies that wanted an introductory meeting. Every company that Ben and Justin had us meet was high quality with a great track record. Ben and Justin were instrumental in helping us choose the right partner to team up with. Once we chose a partner it was time for due diligence again. Going through due diligence with SF&P on your side is so much easier and stress-free. To my amazement, any question that came up regarding legal, accounting, and business Ben, Justin, and Darcey knew the answer. I was waiting for an ” I don’t know or I’ll get back to you on that”, but these guys killed it on every level !!!  At the end of the day, SF&P got me a far better deal with a first-class partner.

SF&P advisors are first-class and worth their weight in gold.

Jimmy Levine

Levine & Sons

Aaron Freedman

Total Air, Inc.

We had the pleasure of working with SF&P Advisors during the sale of our HVAC business, and we cannot speak highly enough of their professionalism...

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We had the pleasure of working with SF&P Advisors during the sale of our HVAC business, and we cannot speak highly enough of their professionalism, expertise, and unwavering support.

From the initial stages of valuing our company to the final steps of closing the deal, every member of the SF&P team demonstrated a genuine commitment to our success. Ben and Leona, in particular, stood out as exceptional partners, guiding us through the entire process with patience, clarity, and a deep understanding of the emotional aspects involved.

One of the most nerve-wracking phases was the diligence process with a potential buyer, and Ben and Leona were there every step of the way, ensuring that we were well-prepared and confident. Their attention to detail and commitment to having our backs made all the difference during this critical stage.

What sets SF&P Advisors apart is not just their industry knowledge but also their personal touch. They took the time to answer all our questions, alleviating our concerns and making the entire experience as smooth as possible.

We can’t imagine navigating the complexities of selling a business without a trusted partner, and for us, SF&P was that partner. If you’re looking for a team that combines expertise with genuine care, SF&P Advisors is the right choice. We are grateful for their support and would highly recommend them to anyone considering a business sale.

Thank you, SF&P Advisors, for turning what could have been a daunting process into a successful and positive experience.

Aaron Freedman

Total Air, Inc.

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On behalf of the entire Albert family, we just want to stop and say, "Thank you, Fred!" Working with you and your firm has been an absolute pleasure. Jamie, Howard and I know we couldn’t have done this without you and you should be so proud of the business you have built. Thanks again, Fred!

Ross Albert, Arctic Air Conditioning

Thank you so much for your help with delivering an incredible outcome to the Wolf shareholders. You did an expert job of managing the buyers and timeline, driving a highly competitive process and generating a big premium relative to our expectations entering the process. You delivered sage advice to the board. especially when we were on a goal line with selecting a buyer. Overall, this was as smooth of an exit process as one can expect.

Matt Kraus, Fletch Equity LLC

Fred, words can't adequately express my appreciation and admiration for you and your team. SF&P has totally exceeded our expectations from Day One until now, more than four months after closing. Your wisdom, experience, encouragement, integrity and grit proved to be the perfect combination to get us to the right partner and take the deal across the finish line. You are still answering the on the first ring! I would highly recommend you to anyone in our industry. Don't ever hesitate to let me know how I can help. Thanks!

Glen Posladek, A. B. May

I have over 30 years of experience owning and growing my business. I had zero experience selling a multi-million dollar asset. SF&P is THE advisor in our space. They have an impeccable reputation and outstanding team of experts. I am quite certain that SF&P helped us earn the maximum for this once-in-a-lifetime transaction.

Kory MacGregor, Roth Heating & Cooling

Fred & his team are the best in the business! They worked extremely hard to get us the best partnership for our team at the highest value. The process was tough, but they made it organized, got us through in 60 days, and the expected chaos never ensued. Honestly, we probably never would have got through everything without them. What impressed me most was I always felt like we were their #1 priority and our deal was the most important thing they were working on. Our family is forever thankful for the SF&P team!

Anthony Pascucci, Sansone Air Conditioning

SF&P Advisors helped me every step of the way of selling my company. Basically, I had been in business - the air conditioning and plumbing business - for about 5 years and finally was able to grow the company to the point that it was valuable and they really helped every step of the way. I felt safe, I felt secure and I felt everything was being done in the way that it needed to be done, from getting all of our numbers together so that they'd be accurate, all the way to the day of close. It was an amazing experience and I really appreciate these guys.

Jason Henderson, BEST Air Conditioning Plumbing Repair

Thank you Fred. We couldn’t have done this without you. Thank you for being so patient and helpful with us through the process. We are huge fans of SF&P! Cheers to the future.

Rebecca Sherlock, Sherlock Heating & Air

You wanna buy or sell a house, you call a professional realtor. Filing taxes, you use a CPA. Heart surgery, you find the best doctor money can buy. Wanna sell your contracting business, get paid what you deserve and have an advocate every step of the way? Well, then you call Fred at SF&P, period.

Tom Casey, Climate Partners

SF&P recently helped me sell my business; these guys are the best! Not only did they help me every step of the way, but they also helped me get a lot higher multiple than I was expecting. I don’t believe there could be anybody better than SF&P to hire when selling your company. They far exceeded my expectations; there is no way I could have done it without them. Thanks for all your hard work!!

Owen Hendrickson, Henco Plumbing

Thank you so much for everything that you did for myself, my family and my team. You helped me change many lives for the better through this deal. When we first met 4 years ago at a Nexstar super meeting, I had heard a lot of good things about you, and now I have experienced them first hand. SF&P Advisors helped me find the perfect partner for our platform, the Any Hour Group, which will be made up of many company brands across America.

You have been a true joy to work with, Fred. You have always been available to talk through the offers so we could make the best decision for myself, my wife, my business partner Jeremy and our managers. I also wanted to make the best choice for my employees and for the future companies that will partner with us. I actually found myself not wanting the process to come to an end because you have been so knowledgeable and helpful, and you’ve really listened to me to understand what our needs are.

You helped me buy-in 40 of my employees - actually, 41 counting Jeremy and myself. You should have seen every manager’s face when they received a good bonus plus shares in Any Hour Electric, Plumbing, Heating & Air upon closing this partnership with Knox Lane. The other platforms only wanted a few key managers to have shares, but I believe that all of my managers are key to our success, not just a few of them, and you helped convey that to the different PE groups that we interviewed with.

You took the time to learn what our goals were and you helped us align with Knox Lane, which truly is the perfect private equity partner. On top of that, you saved my team an enormous amount of time by helping us figure out our quality of earnings and our add backs. You are genuinely the most knowledgeable person that I know in M&A for service companies. Importantly, you’ve been respectful of my privacy and of my organizational chart by going directly to me. When it finally was time to get my team directly involved, every one of them enjoyed working with the personnel at SF&P Advisors throughout the process. Fred, thank you again for all of your hard work.

Wyatt T. Hepworth, Any Hour Group

I’ve developed a relationship with Fred going back 16 years when I first sold my company and when I bought it back. We have worked with Fred through the years exploring various opportunities. In May 2016, Fred was the consultant on the transaction we closed. We will continue to use Fred as we look for other opportunities. His insight and experience are invaluable to the process.

Dave Geiger, Horizon Services

Fred, it’s been a couple of days since we closed our transaction and the reality of the event is finally starting to sink in. As you know, this has been a life-changing moment for my family and me, and now that it is done, I can comfortably say that all the hard work was worth it. I can also say that I don’t know if I would have been able to make it through this without you and your dedicated team of professionals.

The complexity, sophistication, nuances and stress of the transaction were much greater than I thought possible going in, and it was comforting having a partner like SF&P on our side! You were always available whenever I called and not once made me feel like I was interrupting you (although I know I probably was on many occasions).

Your professionalism, flexibility, consultation and humor were invaluable, and my brothers and I are forever grateful. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone considering a sale of their business, especially in the home services space. That is your ballpark, and you know it like no one else. Please extend my appreciation to Justin, Darcey, Ben, Adam and the rest of the SF&P team. You guys are the best.

Ray, Mike, Ken, and Dave Isaac, Isaac Heating and Air Conditioning

Fred Silberstein is the best in the industry with his vast knowledge of the HVAC, plumbing, and electric space and his vast knowledge of the private equity world. Fred provides a ton of value through the process of finding a partner. He knows his stuff!

Keegan Hodges, Best Home Services

Fred’s contacts throughout the private equity, strategic buyers and private banking industry is extensive. He helped us find the right partner who understands acquisitions, integration and strategic growth. We could not have done our transaction without his assistance.

Mark Aitken, Horizon Services

For a number of years, Fred has served as a strategic advisor to me. He has provided invaluable support in helping us position ourselves for future growth and opportunity. Fred has provided counsel that has helped achieve our goals and protected our interest every step of the way.

Ken Haines, Wrench Group

I have known Fred Silberstein and SF&P for over 20 years. We value Fred’s reputation and trustworthiness and for this reason we asked Fred & SF&P represent us when it was time to look for a partner in executing our growth strategy and taking our business to the next level. Fred and his team exceeded our expectations. We would recommend other Contractors talk to SF&P about their succession planning.

Chris LeBoeuf, Dauenhauer Plumbing

I wanted to thank you for your help with our recent business transaction. You were instrumental in helping introduce us to multiple potential business partners. We talked to these groups and chose the one that we found met our same vision and values. We had many questions before and during our business transaction. You and your team were always quick to answer any question and help guide us through the process. Your team made this difficult process much easier. I highly recommend Fred and your team to anyone going through this process.

Michael Rosenberg, Rosenberg Indoor Comfort

SF&P Advisors performed a valuation of our company within a strict time frame imposed by us in a very professional manner. The valuation was approached with many different methods and the end product was a reasonable conclusion; the entire process was well thought out and working with Fred was a pleasure.

Carlo Nero, Air Professional Associates

Fred Silberstein and the SF&P Advisors team have been tremendous in helping us identify targets as we continue to build our platform. Their knowledge of the industry has been extremely beneficial to Sun Capital Partners and Horizon Services

M. Steven Liff, Sun Capital Partners, Inc.

I used SF&P Advisors to sell the commercial side of my business. From my initial meeting with Fred and his team to the completion of the deal, Fred was there every step of the way. The great strength of SF&P is bringing buyers from all over the country that helps maximize the deal and provided a great opportunity for both my employees and the buyer in finding success.

Brian Cranney, Cranney Companies

Fred is an amazing business advisor. Even when I turned down the first offer, he wouldn’t give up until I had the deal I wanted.

Rich Bassoff, Admiral Plumbing Services

When I initially made the decision to sell, I found myself lost and overwhelmed. Luckily, I met Fred Silberstein and SF&P Advisors. From day one, I was happy and impressed that I did not have to explain the HVAC/Plumbing industries to another “accountant.” Fred spoke my language and even educated me on valuable assets of my company I never even considered. Fred clearly outlined the process and quickly exposed us to hundreds of buyers. The process was professional, fun and exciting. Within months, Fred found our perfect match, got us more than expected and gave us a smooth transition. Now the company/employees are doing better than ever. Anyone thinking of selling his or her HVAC/Plumbing Company without Fred Silberstein is making a grave mistake!

Ron Schuman, Orangutan Home Services

Fred and his team were an integral part of the recent sale of our business. After 34 years of ups and downs and eventually running a successful and profitable business, it was hard to discern the value (what someone else will pay) for my business. With the guidance of SF&P, I am confident that I got a fair price (and more) for my company. Unless you have a background in finance, experience with mergers and acquisitions, and a working knowledge of the current market, I would strongly advise utilizing the services of Fred and his team at SF&P.

Chris Corley, Corley Plumbing Air Electric

I’m extremely excited to continue the growth of this company, hand-in-hand with a new team to help assist. The possibilities are endless. This was by far one of the biggest decisions I have made in my life, and with the support of SF&P and Horizon Services, I have never had such peace of mind. Fred and his team made this a seamless transition. Fred went above and beyond to assist in the transaction!

Mike Henderson, Wm. Henderson

With all of Fred’s experience, you can’t afford not to use him to help with one of the most important decisions of your career. He knows all the options and will prove invaluable to you throughout the process.

Steve Burbridge, Anthony Plumbing Heating Cooling and Electric

The process of selling your business is both daunting and very personal. Further, the entity making the offer is likely much more experienced than you are, and this will be used against you.
You will be asked a multitude of difficult questions and provide a huge amount of data and intricate details about every aspect of your business during the due diligence process. You need someone to guide you through this process. You have to know what to focus on next and not get lost wasting time on the wrong thing. All the while you have taken the focus off your business. The longer the selling process is, the greater the damage is to your business. This will also be used against you. You will realize that the negotiation process is ongoing and is never truly over until the final moment before close!

To be successful in this process, you will need a very good attorney, CPA, and someone you trust internally. Most of all, you need a very good M&A advisor. They will more than pay for themselves in getting you the most money for your business, guiding you through the process and closing the deal in the shortest time period possible.

We used SF&P Advisors. In the trade, there is no one more experienced and competent and capable of getting you over the finish line with the best possible results.

Steve Taub, Aztec Plumbing

I really appreciate how you guided us through the process and were always there to calm me down!

Todd Mann, Home Comfort Experts

Having known of Fred for over 20 years, it was a no-brainer in seeking his advice and expertise when it came time to exit my business. Fred found the right buyer at the right price in the very beginning of the pandemic when fear and uncertainty in the economy were at their peak. Fred and his team are truly the go-to professionals and experts in HVAC/plumbing and electric mergers and acquisitions.

Bill Jones, Jones Services

I truly want to thank you and your staff for the support and dedication that was provided during our transaction with Turnpoint Services. From the beginning of the process until the end, you were by our side and always there for our questions. The professionalism extended and the information provided gave us the comfort and trust level we needed during the challenging negotiations and one of the most difficult decisions we ever had to make. I would highly recommend the team of SF&P Advisors for any merger or acquisition transaction that anyone is considering.

Scott Getzschman, Getzschman Heating

Darcey, I want you to know how much I appreciate you being on our team as we went through this journey. I truly believe without you I’m not sure it would have gotten done. You were the calm when I was freaking out, your approach to the other side was decisive and on point and you were always a pleasure to speak to. I’ve dreamed of and have been working on this day for 25+ years and you were a big part of making my dream come true. So thank you very much!

Sam Marcisso, Pine State Services

From the first day that I met the team at SF&P, I knew this was a group of people I wanted to work with to sell my HVAC company. I would highly, and truly, recommend SF&P to any HVAC owner looking to sell their business. From start to finish, it was nothing but professionalism, and they taught and prepared me to get maximum dollars for my business. It took a long time - be prepared to do what you need to do - but these guys are the best. They are the experts and know all the players looking to buy HVAC businesses. Again, very professional from start to finish, we couldn’t have done it without them, and we’re very the way they put things together. The bottom line is, I had one opportunity to maximize the sale of my business and I chose SF&P Advisors to represent me. And, to that end, it was one of the best decisions I ever made. I couldn’t be more grateful to Brian, Fred, Justin and the team at SF&P.

Mike Cappuccio, N.E.T.R. Heating and Cooling Systems

I cannot thank you all enough for your hard work, your expertise, and your ability to talk us off a ledge! You are a rock star team and we absolutely could not have done it without you! We’re happy to provide references and tell anyone who asks how great you guys are!

Corrie Swan, Swan Heating and Cooling

In the beginning, I considered doing the process without SF&P. That would have been a huge mistake. Compared to the initial offers, Fred and his team unlocked millions of upside for me, educated us on addbacks and provided real options that made the decision tough. Fortunately, with Fred’s guidance, I selected the right partner, with the right terms, and I could not be happier with the outcome.

Mary Jean Anderson, Anderson Plumbing Heating and Air

Over the last two years, I’ve looked at the idea of a change in business ownership and what options there were for the future. I started speaking with Brian and the SF&P team over the last year, and he helped me understand what the industry looked like, what options were out there, and he prepared me for what was to come.

During that time, SF&P was able to pair us with a buyer active in our market that was a perfect fit. Having them on my side really helped the transaction go smoother as there were a lot of emotions involved. It doesn’t have to be as complicated as you think, and having them as a trusted advisor on your side makes all the difference. This is something out of my wheelhouse and having them as a sounding board made the process much more seamless.

At the end of the day, we were able to go from an LOI to close within 60 days which shows how strong the systems SF&P has in place are. The SF&P team provided a tremendous amount of work that saved me and my wife major headaches while giving us the confidence to do a deal.

Corey Hickman, Comfort Matters

My parents used Fred to sell the company back in 1999, only to regain control a few years later. So when we surveyed the potential industry outlook recently, we had no doubt who to call for guidance. After talking it over and making the decision to advance with another potential exit strategy, Fred and his team were at the helm guiding and directing us through the process.

Their team was there to respond to any question at any hour, which is extremely impressive to me in a time when service like that is incredibly lacking. Many have asked me if it was worth the money it costs to have a broker involved, and I have never hesitated to say, “without a doubt, when it comes to Fred and his team!”

Because of their help and direction, we’ve realized a lifelong dream and financial security for our family as well as our team not once, but twice, with two different generations involved. Thanks to everyone involved in the SF&P Power Team for helping us in every curve and path taken over multiple transactions over all these years.

Dave Rampey, Air Assurance

I wanted to take a quick second to say thank you to Brian and the amazing team at SF&P. Selling a multi-generational family business is never an easy decision, and it’s one that we pondered for years. It wasn’t until our introduction that we felt comfortable taking the next step forward.

We spoke to many brokers and all of them were great, but SF&P gave us the confidence we required to represent our family. The collective expertise of your staff was monumental in calculating a valuation that was not just accurate, but 65% more than other brokers.

I’ll never forget you saying, “We’re more expensive because we’re worth it. We’ll get you more.” And that couldn’t have been more true. I want to thank Ben, Justin and Fred for their hard work. And last but certainly not least, your rock star Leona. Diligence is never an easy process but Leona made it as painless as possible. You have a true gem on your team. Thank you again for everything.

Joe & Joey Timo, Timo's Air Conditioning & Heating

Thank you very much for all of your help and guidance through our deal. I listened to Brian’s recent Ryno podcast the other day and thought again how thankful we are that you were on our team and helping us through the process.

Your entire team is truly outstanding and each one of them helped to make our process as smooth as possible. They helped by keeping us on track in a very nice and encouraging way, and it helped reduce our stress and anxiety by knowing that you were in our corner, that you had the experience we needed and that you were pulling for us all the way.

Kevin Kratzman, Korte Does It All

The idea of selling was not only scary but life-changing. Working with SF&P and Fred’s team made this process so much easier and less stressful. Everyone on their team was incredibly responsive and knowledgeable. Their years of experience proved invaluable! Not only was the process smooth but no doubt they got us more for our company than we would have with someone else. We will definitely use them again in future transactions whether buying or selling. If you’re thinking about selling, you have to consider Fred and SF&P. Otherwise, this delicate process could be very unpleasant. Thanks to Fred and his incredible team! You guys are the best.

Wade Rusk, Penguin Air

SF&P Advisors had the honor of supporting Service Logic's acquisition of Colorado Climate Maintenance in April, 2017. CCM founder and CEO Sam DeAngelis shares his thoughts on the service and professionalism the team at SF&P Advisors was able to provide.


All You Need To Know About Choosing A Merger & Acquisition Advisor